2018 Jean Donovan Summer Fellowship

Jean Donovan Fellowship Summer 2018

Fifteen Santa Clara University students selected as Jean Donovan Fellows for Summer 2018 will work with community-based organizations around the world to deepen their understanding of and commitment to social justice. This Summer’s Fellows will be working in the areas of: immigration, human rights, healthcare, education, community development, justice system and food assistance programs.
2018 JDF Group Photo 2.jpgJean Donovan Fellowship Mission Statement

The Jean Donovan Fellowship offers undergraduates a high-impact community-based experience rooted in the Ignatian Center’s mission of a Faith that does Justice. Fellows work with organizations in communities with little access to wealth, power and privilege in the US and internationally. Fellows deepen their understanding of solidarity and vocation through pre-and post-experience gatherings that engage students in reflective practices informed by Ignatian Spirituality.

Jean Donovan

Jean Donovan was a lay American woman who went to El Salvador in 1977. Jean was seeking more meaning and purpose with her life and after local volunteer work in Cleveland she went to El Salvador to work with war refugees. Jean had very little knowledge of where El Salvador was or it’s history but a strong conviction that it was where she was meant to be. Jean accompanied a refugee community in La Libertad and was providing nutrition, shelter and transportation to communities facing devastation during the war.