The Jean Donovan Summer Fellowship is named in honor of Jean Donovan, an American woman who lived, worked, and died in solidarity with the impoverished and oppressed of El Salvador in the 1980s. The Jean Donovan Summer Fellowship is designed to encourage and support undergraduate students who desire to deepen their understanding of social justice issues through a summer community-based learning experience of 5-7 weeks. The Fellowship provides $2,000 in grant funding to recipients who work a minimum of 30 hours/week with a non-profit organization locally, domestically, or abroad. All undergraduate students who will be returning to Santa Clara University for the following year are eligible. The grant is intended to help cover costs for the summer experience, such as travel, lodging, and program costs. It may also be used as a stipend for students who engage in unpaid work in the community closer to home. It may not be used toward formal study abroad programs.