A collection of anecdotes to you, Thailand, and myself

Hi. You’ve given me a lot to think about. An excruciatingly excessive amount of things to think about. I have a few words to pick with you.

  1. Don’t take anything too seriously. Go with the flow.
  2. Allow yourself to laugh a lot, even if you don’t know why everyone is laughing. You’ll catch on eventually.
  3. There’s more ways to connect with another human than through speaking the same language.
  4. Our strength is immeasurable.
  5. Give yourself 21 days to adjust to new experiences and environments.
  6. If you look close enough, there are little human moments everywhere. An older sister checks up on a younger one. Soft, reassuring smiles in moments of mourning. Celebrate these moments.
  7. Trust in the blindness of hope.
  8. If something is different, less exciting, filled with more unease than comfort, it does not make it inherently bad.
  9. Bring your childlike imagination and wonder with you through puberty. If you can carry it through puberty, you’re set for life.
  10. Everyone has bad things in them, despite the good things they accomplish. It does not make them flawed, nor does it make them a bad person. It makes them human. Realize both, acknowledge both, respect both.
  11. A legacy is “planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.” Make your peace with that.
  12. It’s not always great to retreat back to stability, modernization, and intense industrialization. Notice that the things missing from technologically advanced communities are usually the most important things to have.

I’ll be blunt with you; you’ve been extremely difficult to deal with. It’s been hard to process what you give me. You didn’t give me the experience I was hoping for. Yet my experience couldn’t have been possible in all its impact without you. So thank you, but if you could go a little easier on me, I’d greatly appreciate that.

Let me get one thing straight: I don’t regret pulling you into my life. You have been absolutely wonderful. Am I confusing you? I’m confusing me. Maybe I’m talking too much. I’ll leave you off with this peanut of a poem. Hopefully it’ll clear things up:

To you, Thailand, and myself

You’re a beast to be reckoned with
A dream to be sought after
You gave me 100 revelations a day
And 101 moments of laughter
You taught me love
Because you exist together
You breathed your life into me
You’ve made my good, better
But the time has come
The leaf turns new
For everything and more:
Thank you

Yours truly,





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